Monday, 16 March 2015

Recommendation Mondays (Whoops): Week 7 - Gravity (2013)

Sooooooo...... Er, yeah, I suck at updating things but whatevs #yolo

This week's recommendation is the movie Gravity, a 2013 production starring Sandra Bullock and George clooney, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, written by him and his son Jonás.

It juggles many themes, including acceptance of death, struggle for survival, rebirth and letting go of one's past, all dealt with and expressed in intresting manners through both story and screen.

It features an (in my opinion) amazing performance from award winning actress Sandra Bullock as the movie's central character, Dr Ryan Stone, the inexperienced scientist thrust into a fight for survival against seemingly impossible odds in one of the most hostile settings imaginable; the very vacuum of space itself.

Gripping and emotionally rollercoastering, I consider it a must see for sci fi and cinematic fans alike. (Diehards can also check out the spin-off short Aningaaq).