Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Introductions and conclusions: the Youtube community and and its downfalls

  •  Introduction: What is the Youtube community
  • A: Who are the "top" Youtubers (in each category)
  • B: The fan/creator relationship (fan and actor/singer relationship compared to fan and Youtube creator relationship)
  • C: The beauty of the Youtube community: use of the fan/creator closeness for good (group projects or missions ei the Vlogbrothers or Markiplier)
  • D: Problems of the fan/Youtuber relationship: use of the fan/creator closeness for personal gain (creators have access to fans and abuse of power and of the fan's hero worship by said creators can occur ei. Alex Day and similar cases)
  • E: Solutions/reactions the rest of the community can offer when a problematic fan/creator relationship comes to light
  • Conclusion: Restate


If I really have to introduce Youtube to you, you've been living under a rock since the millenium; on the other hand, the Youtube communtiy is a completly different thing that is maybe a little hard to understand, if you don't spend seventy percent of your time on the internet. The Youtube community is made up of fans (the viewers of Youtube's content) and creators (the ones who make Youtube's content, the world's "newest form of celebrity"); these creators include critics of films or video games, people who talk about their daily lives (or vloggers), people who provide commentary for games as they play them (or lets players), musicians and artists of all kinds, comedians and people who are just trying to educate other people.

To finish all this up, I would like to say that Youtube's close-knit community should be considered as a good thing, not a problematic system because of a few (admittedly horrible) cases of abuse within the system. Youtubers of all kinds reach out to their fans through their videos, cheering them up and motivating them to do good things or, even, just making them laugh. The Youtuber is a new and intresting celebrity archetype and many people who find themselves fitting it use their influence for good. But, when bad situations occur in the community, we need to pull together to fix them, to protect those around us, so that all of us can continue to enjoy creating and consuming content on such a strange, wonderful website.

Recommended Youtubers:
  • Video Game Critics: JonTron and Egoraptor (specifically Egoraptor's Sequelitis series)
  • Vloggers: danisnotonfire, amazingphil and jacksgap
  • Lets players: Markiplier and gamegrumps
  • Musicians/Artists: Ninja Sex Party (a comedy band) and sokolum79 (a makeup artist)
  • Comedians: Toboscus and jacksfilms
  • Educators: CrashCourse

Thesis statement on: Legal name changing

If someone states that they are against legal name changing because people will give themselves silly names, remind them that are children named after rappers, alcohol and, probably, Hitler; legal name changing is best described as a way for someone to escape the name their parents gave them the minute they shot out the womb, looking kinda like a fat, minature Winston Churchill (with no personality whatsoever) and that, given that legal name changing can only done with either consent of  an adult or of the individual, most changes better reflect differences with parents in such  areas as music, taste in beverage or just what gender their child, anyway.