Monday, 6 April 2015

Recommendation Mondays (Backlog): Week 6 - GAME GRUMPS OMG (Youtube Channel)

Sorry bout that.

I just adore this youtube channel. To death. I'm not even kidding. If I could only watch one channel for the rest of my life, it would be the Game Grumps.

To explain, the Game Grumps are two super good friends from California who play video games whilst goofing off, making jokes, telling silly stories and generally talking about all kinds of random crap. Currently the Game Gumps are Arin Hanson (also known around youtube as animator and voice actor egoraptor) and Danny Avidan (or Danny Sexbang, lead singer of the comedy band Ninja Sex Party); they play console games, with some notable ones being Super Mario 3D WorldSonic Boom and Out Of This World.

Their channel also hosts Steam Train, where their friend Ross O'Donavan (or RubberNinja) plays PC games, mostly with Danny in the beginning but then expanding to other members of the Grumps team (such as their editor/Danny's housemate Barry and their secretary/Arin's wife Suzy). I recommend Skyrim and Leisure Suit Larry.

Earlier Game Grumps episodes feature a different person alongside Arin; Jon Jafari or JonTron, another comedic video game obssessed youtuber, known for humorous game reviews and owning a robot psycho bird named Jacques.

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