Monday, 6 April 2015

Recommendation Mondays (Backlog): Week 8 - Niell Blomkamp (Director)

Niell Blomkamp is a South African director known for his movies District 9, Elysium and CHAPPiE, who I like primarily for just how... fucking cool his movies look. The special effects used are just... yeah, I really like them.

District 9 (2009) is based in a world where, some time during the eighties, a large alien mothership began hovering over Johanessburg and, after months of no activities, humans entered the ship to find the aliens malnourshished ¡, confused and scared. Fairly soon they became the equivalent of unwanted refugees, suffering social prejudice akin to racism and being confined to a refugee "camp" or district. The film picks up in the modern day; the "Prawns" have outgrown their current district, which is nothing more than a rubbish strewn slum and are being forcibly evict by the MNU. One MNU employee, Wikus, accidentally triggers an unknown device that sprays him with mysterious goo and triggers something... unpleasent, which changes his life forever (understatement of the century tbh).

Elysium (2013) is set hundreds of years from now, in a future where, to avoid the ever expanding lower class, the Earth's wealthiest people built a space station orbiting the planet where they have all the health, clean air and plastic surgery money can by, whilst once great cities, such as our setting, Los Angeles, have become slums spanning miles, where crime and poverty are the norm. Our story follows one man, Max, as his situation forces him to take control of his life in a very drastic way, all in attempt to salvage his ticking time bomb of a body after a very ¡, very bad work related incident

I haven't seen CHAPPiE yet but, c'mon, I love this guy anyway.

Oh and, just by the way, he's doing Alien 5 *rolls away on a skateboard whilst putting on sunglasses* Hell yeah.

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